The Basic Facts of Leather Jackets

New Zealand is the second largest lambskin producer in the world. New Zealand has a sheep population of around 35 million, where the number of sheep is much larger than that of people. New Zealand has vast forests and grasslands with a forest coverage rate of 29%. Natural pastures and farms account for half of the country's land area, and the excellent natural environment allows the flock to grow fully here.


In the spring lambing season, 25 million of new lambs are born on this pure land. During this season, the weather is changing, and the cold front sweeps across the New Zealand countryside, especially in the high hill rural farms. This leads to a much higher loss of lamb than normal. However, this is quite normal in the animal world.


BONZ use this unique natural material to design ultra-lightweight and warm lambskin garments for women's and men's wear. According to the natural and luxurious characteristics of leather garment, it emphasizes the three-dimensional and contour sense of the overall shape, pays attention to the decoration, displays its unique luxurious quality, and makes the style more elegant and unique.



Advantages of Lambskin Garments


1.Wool has natural curl and elasticity, which can maintain long-lasting fluffy, so as to lock the air for a long time, so that the insulation effect is better.


2.Lambskin clothing is suitable for all ages and seasons, because in nature, sheep and human body temperature is the closest, they rely on wool to resist cold and heat, so wool is the closest to human hair, is the best protective material. Wool is naturally skin-friendly, and it feels more comfortable than any other fiber.


3.lambskin clothing is easy to handle, it is not as delicate as silk, because it has experienced wind, sunshine, rain on lamb, so it is more convenient to use and easier to store.


4.Lambskin's moisture absorption and perspiration is unique in nature. It can absorb 30% of its body weight without making people feel wet. When it meets the air circulation, it can easily volatilize into the air in time. This is why lambskin clothing is more comfortable than other clothing, especially in the humid areas of the south.


Quality & Timelessness

In BONZ, every leather garment product is taken seriously. All of our products are produced of carefully selected materials with the highest quality. Every step from material selection to production has strict control. The apparel that seems to be simple in design has to undergo complicated handmade procedures and refinement in detail.


A handmade leather garment has to go through dozens of complicated processes, including hand-drawing, drawing, typesetting, cutting board, leather matching, cutting, pressing, lining, sewing, ironing, inspection and other steps.


Creating a hand-made leather garment is not only a time-consuming and labor-consuming thing for the producer, but also a bold abandonment of raw materials. For every BONZ leather garment, the consumption of raw materials is considerable, but for BONZ, all the investment is worth it, just to make a perfect leather garment.


Every lambskin is individually selected for color and texture. Each garment takes around 30 skins and is individually matched and cut by one person. Every BONZ leather jacket will be authenticated by world-class craftsman. What you have from BONZ is not only a high-quality leather jacket, but also a symbol of identity.


Care & Cleaning

1.Every BONZ lambskin garment is fully dry-cleanable. Full cleaning instructions for use by the dry cleaner are permanently sewn into your garment. Dry cleaning should be carried out before your garment gets too heavily soiled but only by a specialist leather and suede garment dry cleaner. The dry-cleaning process will remove all soil marks and grease spots from your lambskin garment, but the cleaning process will also remove some of the natural oils from the skins. A specialist leather dry cleaner will use a process to put back some of these oils during the cleaning cycle.


2.Most small marks can be removed by rubbing lightly with a good quality, soft composition eraser such as “Mars Plastic”. When using an eraser, do not concentrate the strokes in one direction only, vary the direction and use a number of light strokes rather than one or two heavy strokes. Do not use on Nu-Buck or Napa finishes.


3.On no account should the garment be force dried. Once the rain spots have completely dried, brush lightly with a soft garment brush to bring up the “nap” of the suede and the rain spots will disappear. When you have finished wearing your babylamb garment, always hang it on a well-shaped coat hanger with collar, lapels and pocket flaps in their normal position. This way, as the garment cools from your body heat, it will firm up and retain its shape.


4.Always store your babylamb garment well away from direct, strong sunlight as the special dyes that are used for natural skins are sensitive to strong ultra violet rays, e.g. do not leave for long periods in the back of a car during summer months as the car windows will magnify the suns’ rays.