Ethical treatment of animals

BONZ is about providing the Best of New Zealand. Many of the materials that BONZ uses for its products come from animals, such as leather, wool and fur. This leads to special responsibility for animal welfare and biodiversity standards. We respect and protect the rights of all animals. Our Lamb skins come only from farmers that meet our strict animal welfare requirements, and possum skins only from certified New Zealand hunters.



As a minimum standard, all of our farmers in New Zealand adhere to our comprehensive national standard: New Zealand Animal Welfare Act.



Our farmers must ensure that each and every animal is provided with the five freedoms.

① Proper and sufficient food & water;

② The opportunity to display normal patterns of behavior;

③ Protection from and rapid diagnosis of any significant injury or disease;

④ Adequate shelter;

⑤ Physical handling in a manner which minimizes the likelihood of unreasonable unnecessary pain or distress.





Due to its luxurious appearance and high durability, leather is used in many BONZ products – jackets, coats, vests, bags, hats, shoes, gloves and home goods.



At BONZ, the ethical treatment of animals and protection of biodiversity are very important to us. The use of leather is not only a matter of animal welfare, but also environmental issues. For example, we do not use non-environmental dyes and softener during tanning process.





BONZ uses high-quality types of wool, such as Merino, Alpaca and Cashmere, for its knitwear, hats, gloves, scarves, shawls and home goods. This unique material has many good properties: it is ultra-lightweight, soft and durable.



Wool is a pure natural renewable fiber obtained from animals. We value wool as a planet-friendly fiber and consider them a precious raw material. The responsible wool sourcing includes responsible sheep breeding and farming,and gentle shearing of animals,and obtaining wool fibers that do not harm the animal in a reasonable way.





This special possum fur is popular for its luxurious and soft properties. Therefore, it is mainly used in BONZ's home goods.



Our possum fur is not only locally sourced, but also uses pests that cause devastating damage to the New Zealand ecosystem. The use of this local material significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and has also addressed the pest problem in New Zealand.