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67 Items

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  1. Possum Fur Headband

  2. Possum Merino Scarf

  3. Possum Merino Scarf & Beanie Combo


  5. Teviot V Neck Sweater

  6. Von Poncho Sweater

  7. Wilkin Mock Neck Sweater

  8. Taieri Oversized Rib Sweater

  9. Ahuriri Knitted Vest

  10. Rees Cable Turtleneck Sweater

  11. Nevis Mid Cable Sweater

  12. Motatapu Turtleneck Sweater

  13. Lochy Cable Crew Neck Sweater


  15. Carey Crew Neck Sweater

  16. Placard Collar Cashmere Sweater

  17. Possum Fur Collar

  18. V-Neck Cardigan Cashmere

  19. Hearts V-Neck sweater (Hand Knitted)

  20. Lottie Fur-Trimmed Shawl

  21. Two Tone Cow Sweater (Hand-Knitted)

  22. Stripe Sweater (Hand-knitted)

  23. FAIRISLE YOKE SWEATER (Hand Knitted)

  24. Fern Cardigan (Hand Knitted)

  25. Alps V-Neck Sweater (Hand Knitted)

  26. Nordic Alpine Sweater (Hand-knitted)

  27. Aran Tunic Sweater (Hand Knitted)

  28. Princess Poncho (Hand Knitted)

  29. V-Neck Cable Sweater (Hand Knitted)

  30. Paris Jacket (Hand Knitted)

  31. Black Sheep Sweater (Hand Knitted)

  32. Rose Garden Sweater (Hand Knitted)

  33. Wild Cable Sweater (Hand Knitted)

  34. Shearling Tote

  35. Snow Jacket Sweater (Hand-knitted)

  36. Sheep Faces Handknit

  37. Dreamtime Sheep Sweater (Hand Knitted)

  38. Mixed Patches Jacket (Hand Knitted)

  39. Country Drive Sweater (Hand Knitted)

  40. Saffron Cape

  41. Anabel Alpaca Cape

  42. Roxanne Lambskin Jacket

  43. Rui Alpaca Cape

  44. Jaime Shearling Vest

  45. Personalisable

    Alice Shearling Vest

  46. Personalisable

    Danielle Shearling Vest

  47. Personalisable

    Tia Broadtail Jacket

  48. Aroha Alpaca Vest

  49. Ziggy Toscana Vest

  50. Personalisable

    Roxy Shearling Jacket

  51. Kailyn Lambskin Jacket

  52. Personalisable

    Bridie Shearling jacket

  53. Personalisable

    Suzie Shearling Jacket

  54. Personalisable

    Demi Slinkskin Jacket

  55. Poppy Lambskin Puffer Jacket

  56. Jaya Suri Alpaca Vest

  57. Personalisable

    Suki Slinkskin Jacket

  58. Personalisable

    Katie Slinkskin Jacket

  59. Jade Possum Fur Vest

  60. Personalisable

    Dulcie Shearling Jacket

  61. Personalisable

    Nori Shearling Coat

  62. Holly Hooded Coat

  63. Personalisable

    Izzy Shearling Coat

  64. Personalisable

    Toby Shearling Jacket

  65. Personalisable

    Janet Shearling Cape

  66. Florence Lambskin Coat

  67. Personalisable

    Zara Slinkskin Coat

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