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Crafting Perfection
At the bottom of the world



Refining Our Craft

Established in 1972, BONZ is a premier New Zealand luxury apparel brand. We specialise in crafting premium, timeless garments using locally sourced materials like lambskin, wool, and leather. Rooted in our New Zealand origins, our designs exude simplicity, elegance, and sophistication.

As a family-owned business based in Queenstown, New Zealand, our heritage remains integral to our identity. Our design studio and factory in Invercargill are the creative hubs where our exceptional pieces are born. With unwavering dedication, we weave a story of opulence and authenticity, delighting our discerning clientele with unique creations that embody the essence of BONZ.


Ethical Elegance

We use the rare and ethical Slink lamb skin
to craft our ranges of luxury garments.

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BONZ Stories

We’re passionate about fashion, sustainability and New Zealand, and write about it weekly.

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BONZ Retail

None stand taller or more elegant than our flagship Queenstown retail store.