7 Tips To Ensure Your Leather Lasts A Lifetime

A beautiful leather jacket is essential for any wardrobe. If you want your leather jackets to last a lifetime, please follow these 7 tips for proper leather garment maintenance.


1. Do not expose to sunlight and keep away from heat

Direct exposure to the sun is harmful to any leather product. Not only does it fade the leather, it also absorbs moisture and natural oils from the leather, which leads to the development of cracks. We also recommend that you keep your leather jacket away from any source that emits heat.


2. Don’t let your leather jackets get wet

Leather is a natural material. It is made from animal skin. Leather is not waterproof, but it is water resistant. This means that it is naturally resistant to water penetration. Try not to expose your leather garments to too much moisture, because when the leather gets wet, water will temporarily adhere to the leather's oil, then lift the oil from the leather after the water is dry, and then dry the leather. Moisture also leaves watermarks and can cause the leather garment to swell and deform.


3. Never store leather jackets in plastic bags

In order to protect the leather jacket, do not store it in a plastic bag, especially in a humid place, as this will cause moisture and prevent the leather from breathing freely. Can be stored on a clean old linen or cloth cover. This can keep the leather from absorbing and releasing water normally under different environmental conditions.


4. Never use any cleaning product that contains mineral oil or alcohol

Never use cleaning products that contain alcohol or mineral oil, and make sure that they are cleaned and maintained before storing them.


5. Use leather cleaners and leather conditioners

In humid environments, mold and mildew on the leather can begin to grow, and in dry climates, the leather can crack. To keep leather clothing soft and crack-free, you should regularly clean and maintain the leather.


6. Use a good clothing brushr

Use a good-quality clothing brush or soft cloth to clean excess particles or dust instead of using a washing machine or dry-cleaning method.


7. Store your leather clothes properly

When you are not wearing your leather jacket, keep it in a safe place and keep it in the best condition. This means making sure to dry before placing and by hanging it on a hanger instead of being trapped in a plastic tote or bag.