Winter Fashion - The Shearling Jacket

What Is A Shearling Jacket?

The term "shearing" refers to lamb or sheep that have had only one shearling. Unlike wool pullovers, shearling is the actual skin of a lamb with tanned suede on one side and a treated coat on the other. Because wool is still attached to the skin, shearling is a fur product. Shearling leather is used for luxury coats, jackets, hats, gloves, etc. Great for special occasions or everyday wear, this is something you will want to get from New Zealand local leather store in BONZ.


History of Shearling Jackets

The Shearling jackets have come a long way before they became popular. The use of shearling for clothing dates to the Stone Age. Throughout the various time periods, this material was more than just clothing. It was a representation of one’s identity. It was used for shirts, hats and more for both men and women.

In the more modern era, shearling was sed on pilot hats during wartime. Then it became more and more popular in the fashion industry.

During the 1940s, B3 shearling leather bomber jacket was used as a lining for bomber jackets. The American pilots wore these while flying, and the RAF chose Irving.

The 1950s gave birth to Shearling's popularity, as Shearling trim was accepted by Hollywood. During this period, two highlights included the 1954 Marlon Brando's Waterfront Bomber. In addition, there is the ranch coat of James Dean from 1956, which is a giant creation.

Over the years, it has been upgraded to its current appearance on luxury jackets. They come in different colors and cuts, which has led fashion enthusiasts to purchase Shearling jackets. It is on the rise and is still expected to develop further in the fashion industry.


Why Buy A Shearling Jacket?

Shearling jackets are durable and stronger than any other material or cloth.

Retains heat naturally, even in cold temperatures.

Flame retardant, antibacterial and static-resistant.

Most shearling jackets are water resistant (water-repellent outer suede and moisture-wicking inner wool) and won’t be damaged if cared for properly.

Many shearling products are by-products of the meat industry and are an efficient use of resources.

Although the shearling jacket is more expensive than other types of jackets, it lasts lifetimes, the reason why most people pass it from generation to generation.