The new battleground of luxury: sustainability

Sustainability is the new battleground of luxury. It is not an eco-friendly product seeking high-quality image, but a luxury with sustainable value. This is another option to protect the environment, because we will minimize the harm to the environment by purchasing sustainable luxury goods.


Despite the positive attitudes towards sustainability, these perceptions are often changed by various "negative" attributes. Many people think that sustainability is unnecessary or disruptive to their daily life.


Many people think that there seems to be a contradiction between sustainable and luxury. After all, luxury goods often carry superfluous and wasteful meanings and are associated with pleasure and individualism, while sustainable development is synonymous with morality and ethics, because it requires us to "meet the needs of contemporary people without harming the needs of future generations. "


But if we go back to the definition of luxury, we can see that sustainable products also have the same "basic" qualities as luxury goods: calling for extraordinary creativity and design, made of high-quality materials, and better concept to emphasize durability. Luxury goods are inherently sustainable because they are not obsolete, they are lifelong products.


Luxury goods have always been sustainable but have not yet been promoted. Leading luxury brands are increasingly moving in this direction and introducing the concept of "sustainable luxury" into their own brand image.


BONZ has always attached great importance to sustainable fashion, promoting sustainable fashion from multiple aspects such as reducing environmental impact, advocating animal welfare and promoting innovation.


BONZ lambskin is sourced predominantly from local farms and possum fur only come from certified New Zealand hunters. The product itself is designed and manufactured by hand in Invercargill, New Zealand, following the principles of high quality, durability and sustainability. In the production, we try to reduce the use of machines, do not use automation technology, reduce waste and product defects.


Each piece of garments should be inspected inside and outside before packaging and distribution. At this point, the craftsperson signed the quality guarantee in person, and then they confirmed that the garments quality met the standards of BONZ and ensured that the products could be used by customers for a lifetime.


The packaging of BONZ brand products has been or will be made of recyclable and degradable materials. Minimize packaging materials and avoid over packaging.


Our factory has its own water collection system and uses solar energy to meet 70% of the daily energy demand. Our employees have their own "garden" where they can pick fruits and vegetables to make salads for lunch.


However, sustainable fashion is far more than environmental protection. It also includes inheriting traditional crafts in the industry, promoting innovation and development, and even explaining sustainability to consumers and changing people's way of thinking.