What different colors mean in clothing?

Clothing colors bring a lot of emotions: each color not only represents one emotion, but also changes emotions when paired with other colors. Therefore, when choosing clothes, the color of the clothes is crucial.


Red Color

If you want to stand out and attract attention, wear red. It is the color of energy and the symbol of life. Wearing red clothes can boost vitality and give you confidence. Red is also the color of aggression, enthusiasm and courage.


White Color

Wearing white indicates cleansing and a new beginning. When you put on a white sweater or a scarf, you will feel fresh and bright. White is the color of balance, harmony and purity.


Pink Color

Pink is closely related to femininity, but when a man feels comfortable with both masculinity and femininity, he can really wear a pink sweater or jacket. Pink is the color of love and can bring a romantic feeling.


Grey Color

Elegance, simplicity, and stability represent loneliness, indifference, and worship of money. Gray makes people feel realistic and gives them a sense of stability.

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Orange Color

Orange is the color that makes new possibilities happen. It is creative, passionate, and associated with good times, warmth, and ambition. If you wear orange clothes, you like to be a party life and have a positive, energetic and participatory mood.

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Golden Color

Golden is the color of the royalty and a symbol of wealth. If you want to convey your wealth, wear gold. Gold means you have a rich inner life, with creativity and have great instincts about people.


Green Color

Green is a calming color and is related to generosity, healing and restoring mental state. People in green clothes are attractive and care about the feelings of others.


Blue Color

Blue can soothe and calm. When you wear blue, you are spreading creativity, motivation, loyalty, which is saying that you decide to live by your own rules. Blue wearers are smart because they think for themselves.


Black Color

Deep, solemn and mysterious, it is a white contrasting color. There is a sense of darkness and solemnity, when combined with other colors, it brings a sense of concentration and uniqueness.