10 x PM2.5 filters

 PM2.5 filters are made from the same advanced materials used for respirators like the N95 and KN95, in addition to activated carbon fabric. A tight-fitting knitted face mask with a PM2.5 filter offers a high degree of filtration from particulates and aerosols. The PM2.5 name comes from these filters' original use as protection against Particulate Matter 2.5, the smallest and most dangerous form of air pollution.  Aerosol particulates that may harbour viruses are much smaller than most particulate matter, but research has shown a PM2.5 filter can capture nanoparticles similar size with a high degree of efficiency (approx. 95%), and lab tests show a PM2.5 filter with a properly-fitted cloth or knitted mask can reduce total airborne particulates by as much as 90%.