Alpaca Duvet-Queen 210*210cm

  • Alpaca wool

    Alpaca wool

  • Designed in Queenstown

    Designed in Queenstown

  • Made in New Zealand

    Made in New Zealand

A natural thermal insulator, alpaca fibre is approximately 25% warmer than wool by weight. Alpaca fibres draw sweat away from the body then slowly release this moisture into the air outside the duvet, helping you remain dry and evenly warm, whatever the outside weather. Combined with alpacas' lack of natural body oils, this great wicking ability makes alpaca fibre odourless and naturally hypoallergenic. This duvet comes with two layers, 150g summerweight, 350g spring/autumn weight and the combination of the two to use for the cold winter days.


100% Alpaca Fibre Fill

100% Cotton Outer

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Made in New Zealand