Slouch Chair

¥ 13,639

Born out of COVID diversification, we started making furniture from our
Invercargill apparel factory in April 2020 to meet the demands of the local market. The souch chair was born from customer requests for a 'solid beanbag', being somethgin that we ha made for many years. Customers were looking for something in a shaggy sheepskin that did not loose shape and look shabby, but also something that was light/portable and most importantly was VERY comfortable. After a number of iterations, the slacker came to shape. The frame is all timber, and the support is made from a thick webbing to give it the beanbag comfort level. It is covered in long or short wool New Zealand sheepskin that is pulled through to the frame in three locations to provide support, and then the sides are covered in premium cow leather. Colours are fully customisable, as are the skins and leather.

Lightweight and comfortable
New Zealand sheepskin top
Cow leather sides and back
Fully customisable