Maori Jade Necklace - Human Spirit

¥ 5,654

Introducing BONZ latest collaboration with the talented Jade Artist from West Coast, Jeff Beckwith. Jeff was involved in searching for jade for many years. He has the unique ancient skills to spot a jade boulder amongst stone of the many types found on the West Coast riverbeds. He began carving jade to provide “the ultimate link between his precious finds and his creative spirit”. 

In this collection, Jeff collected each piece of jade from the famous Marsden Jade Field centered around the historic area named Dungaville. He named this special collection as Kahurangi Jewel Series. Kahurangi is the rarest variety of pounamu. It is highly translucent and often comes in vivid shades of green. The Kahurangi Jewel Series only available at BONZ. 


“Human Spirit” 

Over the Millennia glacial etched and polished, the rind on this exceptional Kahurangi jewel jade has formed a special coloration. Representing the enduring Human Spirit with us. 

9cwt Gold inlay. Hand woven and naturally dyed cord.


  • Made in New Zealand

    Made in New Zealand